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How To Sleep When Pregnant

how to sleep when pregnant

Are you pregnant? In addition to paying attention to the nutritional intake, you should choose the proper sleeping position. The National Sleep Foundation found the facts, about 78% of pregnant women experience barriers to bed.

A pregnant woman sleep position is the thing that should not ignore. Tomasina Stacey research results from the University of Auckland prove the existence of a positive correlation between miscarriage with young pregnant women sleep position. If one takes place, the blood flow to the fetus becomes obstructed.

The condition can result in the death of a fetus. The reason, the blood circulation that does not smoothly can cause oxygen intake reduced. Also, it can also damage the brain, heart abnormalities, as well as experience of autism.

A similar study also conducted by Alexander Heazell Tommy’s Stillbirth Research Centre of the University of Manchester. The mother influences the results of his research shows, a miscarriage at the age of 28 weeks of sleeping habits.

In the first trimester (weeks early) pregnancy sleep positions pregnant women do not interfere with comfort. Beds comfortable, like any position-comfortable only and there is no problem because the baby in the womb, not too large so that the stomach is still healthy.

At the moment the pregnant will cause the onset of pain, an awkward movement, pain. The central section of the growing belly day further enlarged. A pregnant woman sleep position is comfortable and secure is a thing that should be attempted and become its challenges for the mother and her partner.

How To Sleep Better When Pregnant

how to sleep better when pregnantThe fact that the fetus is in the womb, the mother ever never felt uncomfortable being in the moment. The fetus can move freely because of the content of his position the float in the amniotic fluid. However, to keep your content secure, you also should not be neglected though when sleeping. Therefore when you are going to sleep, try sleeping with three positions here.

1. Lying on Stomach

Lying on stomach turned out to be one of the excellent sleeping positions for pregnant young and relatively safe for the unborn child. But it turns out that the area of the lying on stomach this can also result in pregnant women are less comfortable when sleeping. Because when the first trimester, women will experience breast enlargement. And usually, early in the pregnancy, the breasts of women will feel more sensitive. It’s what makes women less comfortable to sleep in the position of lying on stomach although this position is safe enough for the content.

2. Lying on Back

When gestational age began more than 14 weeks, the belly usually starts to dilate. Thus the position of sleeping lying on the back is no longer a right sleeping position for pregnant women. Then whether to sleep with resting on back position? But in fact not too, because when a woman is sleeping in lying on back position uterus will be charged on the intestines and the vena cava inferior. Therefore when the cervix is enlarged and is getting increasingly heavy, sleep with lying on back position turns out to also be making pregnant women at-risk hit by lumbago or digestive disorders.

3. Incline

The bedroom with sloping situation into a sound sleep position for pregnant women. In fact, it could say that sleep is tilted post the best sleep while pregnant. So when you start to feel less comfortable with sleeping in the position of lying on stomach, sleep position, especially if your stomach is getting enlarged. Sleep by tilting to the left, because it turns out that when a pregnant woman sleeping with a view slanting to the left, the baby will get blood flow and also the maximum nutrition intake from the mother through the placenta.

How To Sleep When Your Pregnant

how to sleep when your pregnantGood night’s sleep while pregnant is the most delicious thing for an expectant mother. However, most pregnant women experience problems with the position when he wanted to sleep. In addition to the recommended sleep position for pregnant women, here is the place of the bed are harmful to pregnant women:

1. Slanting to the right

Sleeping with the way sideways to the right could hinder the circulation of oxygen to the fetus. This position is also blocking the flow of food to the placenta so that candidates received no shortage of infant intake of nutrients.

2. Lying on stomach

Since the early trimester of pregnancy to the end, you not recommended to sleep in this position. Because, lying on stomach can put pressure on the uterus. The result is happening; the flow of oxygen to the fetus becomes reduced.

3. Position the head higher while sleeping on your back

This position should also avoid as it can cause pain in the neck and back. In addition may result in pressure on the kidney, liver, and placenta. Preferably, align the pillow with the Agency so that the bed feels comfortable.

4. Half sit

Bed with a half-sitting position does look comfortable. Many pregnant women practice it. However, this position is not justified.

After sitting half asleep, your back is feeling the pain. It is because there is pressure on the spine. This position is also less suitable for the circulation of blood to the heart.

5. Sleep on your back while pregnant young

Do you like to sleep with the position on your back? When sleeping on your back, 1st trimester is not prohibited. However, entering the trimester 2, it should be removed. Braga could harm the safety of the fetus in the womb.

When Pregnant How To Sleep

when pregnant how to sleepWhile pregnant, how long do you sleep? In fact, each of the expectant mothers had the duration of rest periods are different. However, try to relax day and night on a regular basis.

If you trouble to sleep comfortably, apply these tips each day. Consumption of food to taste so as not to experience indigestion at night.

  • Mild Relaxation with a warm bath before bed.
  • Do massage lightly in the leg area by using herbal oils.
  • Reduce the consumption of whitewater toward sleep that you do not urinate at night.

After knowing the position of sleep for young pregnant women, you now have to apply it. As support during pregnancy, don’t forget eating vitamins for pregnant women. Thus, the body remains healthy, and the fetus becomes stronger.

How Should You Sleep When Your Pregnant

how should you sleep when your pregnantReasonable if pregnant women often have difficulty sleeping during her pregnancy. Insomnia while pregnant either young or old insomnia while pregnant. Its primary cause is the size of the fetus in the uterus is enlarged, so that keep pregnant women a hard time finding a comfortable sleeping position.

Causes resulting in pregnant women have trouble sleeping, among others:

Cramps in the leg and back pain

Increase the weight while pregnant can trigger depression, causes an increase in pressure on the legs and back. Also, there is also the production of hormones relaxing that one effect was to help prepare the birth with loosen ligaments.

Frequent urination

In pregnant women, the kidneys work harder to filter the blood volume increases. This process which then produces more urine. Along with the increase in fetal weight and size of the uterus, bladder pressure on any bandwagon is increasing, so that expectant mothers become more frequent urination.


General pregnant women experience gastric disorders. One of the often complained of, when there is reflux when stomach acid up into the esophagus and causes irritation, which can give rise to a complaint of heartburn or burning sensation in the chest up to the esophagus.

How To Sleep When Pregnant Second Trimester

how to sleep when pregnant second trimester1-3 is a trimester pregnancy stages most prone. Because, then, fetal are growing and developing. Prospective body organs the baby began to appear gradually.

That’s why you should sleep in the best position in the early stages of pregnancy. The following two posts resting pregnant women recommended during the trimester 1-3.

1. Sleep on Side (SOS)

Sleep on beds tilted or side was young pregnant women sleep position is the best. Sideways to the left so that the strive of the fetus gain blood flow. Food nutrients can absorb to the maximum into the placenta.

While you sleep tilted to the left, the large vein drains blood from the spine to the heart of the lower part of the body. It can ease the heart’s performance so that pregnant women avoid cardiovascular disorders.

2. Use Comfortable Pillows During Sleep

Do you want to sleep soundly during the early trimester of pregnancy? Make the letter U-shaped pillows to keep the quality of the rest. These pillows can support the model of part of the stomach, back, head, and knees.

The use of the right pillow while pregnant can prevent back pain. Also, the pun was able to reduce the pressure on the shoulders, neck, waist and young pregnant women.

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