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How To Sponge Bathe A Newborn

how to sponge bathe a newborn

Have a newborn to be enjoyable for all mothers. The experience of bathing the baby will be the most precious thing in life. After that kiss, the scent of a very typical baby will add a warm relationship with the family.

Everyone in the House feels very pleased with the fragrance of the baby. But many are also Mothers who feel afraid to bathe the baby, especially the newly born baby.

Usually two to three days the baby was still administered by the nurse at the hospital. The fourth day when it was home from the hospital, then bathe the baby will be the task of the mother.

The experience can hold you with the baby. However, the newborn is still very vulnerable and sensitive. Then, reasonable only if you feel nervous when having to bathe your baby. Especially if this is the first time you should wash the newborn.

How Often To Bathe Newborn

how often to bathe newbornNewborns don’t need a bath too often. That is important as long as you change the baby’s diaper, you also clean the body. If showering too often, baby’s skin can be dry.

Usually, bathe the recent three to four times a week to two days once is enough. However, you can customize your baby with the condition. There are also parents that bathe a newborn twice a day.

How To Bathe A Newborn

how to bathe a newbornMost babies under the age of two or three weeks off her navel cord yet. Caution because usually the baby’s umbilical cord was still a little wet and should not hit the water.

For that, you can wipe the way washing her body with a washcloth or soft cloth. Note the following in his footsteps.

  • Give the base on a desk or flat surfaces such as the floor with a waterproof padded tray or a soft towel. You can also do it at the table to change the baby’s diaper.
  • Sleeping on the baby on his back, hold the end of the head and neck with one of your hands.
  • Wipe the body, head, and face your baby gently with a washcloth that has already moistened with warm water.
  • After her body is wet, wipe again with the washcloth with SOAP that is very gentle and safe for a newborn.
  • To clean the two eyelids, prepare two pieces of soft cotton that not many fibers. Start from the top of the eye near the nose and wipe towards the outside. Repeat on the other eyelids with a cloth.
  • Make sure you also erase the slope-the slope of her body like the armpits, neck, behind the ears, and the back of the knee.
  • Finish with a clean the baby’s buttocks and genitalia, from front to back.
  • Raise the baby with both your hands and wrap in a towel to dry.
  • Before wearing diapers or clothes, cuddle babies because it can provide stimulation for the senses sensing her at once to build strong ties between you and your baby.

Baby Bath Sponge

baby bath spongeAvoid bathing a baby after drinking breast milk. A bath after her belly filled could make your baby feel uncomfortable. Also, if he thought his stomach distress, your baby can puke.

We recommend that you select a time that is free for your own. That way, you can focus on the baby and would not be in a hurry.

You can bathe the baby in the morning when your baby’s moods are right and he’s not so sleepy. Bathe the baby in the afternoon is also not a problem. Important you maintain that it is not cold.

How Often To Bathe Baby

how often to bathe babyAfter your baby’s umbilical cord off and used the wound dries up, you can start bathing a baby in the bathtub. The trick is quite simple. Refer to the steps below:

  1. Prepare a baby bathtub with warm water (with a temperature of approximately 37 degrees Celsius) as high as 5 centimeters.
  2. With both your hands, move the baby into the bathtub is attached to the position of lay somewhat upright.
  3. Hold the back of the head and neck with your hands that are not dominant.
  4. Start by wiping gently with a washcloth baby face, followed by the head and the whole body.
  5. Pour the bath SOAP is safe for a baby newborn in the washcloth.
  6. Swab again face and entire body baby, do not forget to clean any indentations and folds her body (no need to into the ear or nose).
  7. Clean both the eyelids of infants with a soft cloth or cotton that is not a lot of fibers.
  8. End the genital area by cleaning and baby bottoms, ranging from front to back.
  9. To stimulate the senses of sense, let the baby enjoy time attached and pour warm water into the stomach or shoulders slowly.
  10. Raise the baby with both your hands and wrap with a dry towel.
  11. Cuddle baby after bath to establish ties and affection between mother and child.

Baby’s First Bath

baby's first bathPrepare all baby toiletries ahead of time before you start. Here are the essential equipment required:

  • A flat Surface and secure such as a bed or changing table baby.
  • Towels and dressing trays.
  • Dipper to circulate air.
  • Water to bathe the baby. Make sure that the water is not too hot.
  • The washcloth to wipe the baby’s body.
  • The use of soap not recommended while bathing the baby. When needed, use a cleaning product baby’s skin with the soap-free label and writing made light instead of regular soap to avoid dry skin. Also, avoid products with fragrances and antibiotics because it can irritate the skin.
  • Clothing and diapers replacement.

How Often Should You Bathe A Newborn

how often should you bathe a newbornFixed to you sometimes still often make mistakes in giving a newborn baby? He’s some errors even common when bathing the baby:

1. Bathe The Baby Every Day

Maybe you want to make sure that children are always in a clean condition. However, did you know that bathe the baby every day this makes her skin dry?

2. Ignore The Discomfort Baby

Any discomfort that sometimes shown when feels no love for soaked. Tips for bathing a newborn baby crying when will this bath is to do an alternative such as wiping his eyes and face the baby by using the washcloth that previously dipped in warm water.

3. Do Not Use The Special Baby Soap

Bathe the baby, mandatory use of soaps and shampoos are manufactured specially for baby’s skin with neutral pH. Now there are already so many product options that you can choose as a material consideration.

4. Didn’t Realize The Little Mistakes Causes Baby’s Skin Dry

Moms do have to remember that the baby’s skin is indeed very quickly turned into dry. Therefore, don’t forget to apply a special baby cream can keep the humidity of the Peel. Especially after a bath.

5. Changing Shampoos To Wash The Hair Of The Newborn

Pretty new baby shampoo twice a week. Also, use shampoo that suits your hair type. Avoid changing shampoos and products look at security.

Newborn Bath Tub

newborn bath tubAfter you prepare your toiletries, then don’t forget to adjust the baby after a bath. The purpose of this preparation is to make quick cozy after bath baby.

Some of the preparations for the bath are needed, namely:

  • A thick Blanket to warm the baby.
  • Baby powder (if accustomed to using baby powder). Baby Perfume.
  • Heating Oil (baby oil for infants).
  • Skin Salves (if required).
  • A complete Outfit for the baby.
  • Baby socks.

For someone who have not baby you can find my other article about how to get pregnant now.

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