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How To Thaw Breast Milk

how to thaw breast milk

The most eagerly awaited in pregnancy during 9 months was the birth of the baby to the world.  Surely all parents especially mothers will give the best for the child.

One of them is a matter of fruit nutrition needs. For the newborn child, the best option is to provide breast milk exclusively for the children to meet his nutritional needs at the beginning of his life.

There is not a better intake for infants you except breast milk. Breast milk exclusively provided since the baby is born into the world to reach the age of six months.

The intent of the process is the exclusive breast milk breastfeeding to infants from birth until baby since the age of 6 months without giving or adding other foods or drinks.

Breast milk is produced naturally by the body and contain nutrients that are essential for growing baby flower such as vitamins, proteins, and fats.

Than infant formula, breast milk is more easily digested. There may be from some mother who asked why breast milk is only given in the first six months of a baby’s life?

This is because, in breast milk, there is a required nutrient content of the baby for the sake of growing important role.

The content includes vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fluid in the right amounts needed by infants in the first 6 months of life.

Thawed Breast Milk

thawed breast milkThe benefits of exclusive breast milk for infants also provide protection of the body that is not owned by the infant formula.

Some of them are various forms of antibodies or immune mothers, boost the immune system, helping to launch the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients, and prevent infection.

In addition to the benefits of breast milk on top, there are also other benefits that could be a baby, and you feel:

Ideal Body Weight

The benefits of breast milk effect both for the weight of the baby. Usually, the baby given exclusive breast milk will grow up with average body weight. According to experts, breast milk contains less insulin than infant formula.

Baby Bones Stronger

The benefits of breast milk were also influential on the bones of the baby. The baby is fed on milk for three months, or more will have the bones of the neck and spine are more powerful when compared to infants who are given only breast milk in less than three months or not at all.

A Key Role For The Intelligence Of The Infant’s Brain

The benefits of breast milk which can affect the baby’s brain intelligence. Because inside there is the fatty acid content of breast milk that plays an essential role in the information of the infant’s brain.

Natural Contraception Method To Delay The Next Pregnancy

The benefits of exclusive breast milk could also be felt by mothers who function as contraceptives. Although this method is only valid for 4 months after delivery.

Expression Of Maternal Affection On Infants

The benefits of breast milk could also be perceived as a form of maternal affection on her baby. With the personal relationship between breastfeeding mothers and babies will be closely intertwined.

Defrosting Breast Milk

defrosting breast milkIf you belong to a woman who had to do activities outside the home, or you have to go back to work but still want to provide breast milk exclusively to your baby. But you don’t have to worry, you can solve it with a breast milk pump.

Some things are essential for you to know, that is the right way in the store also provide breast milk pump. You should even know how to pump breast milk storage.

If an error occurs on the storage can cause breast milk pump that fails and the declining quality of breast milk. Besides, the way breastfeeding pump is wrong, it can cause the baby do not want to breastfeed directly on his mother.

Recommended once to the woman who recently gave birth to an infant breast milk exclusively for 6 months.

This exclusive breast milk is good for the baby’s body durability so as not stricken with the disease. Many of the things that the mother should take note at the time of taking care of the baby.

No exception when the right time is to give breast milk to your baby, including:

  1. Give breast milk at the time after the baby is born. By the time your baby is a newborn, perhaps breast milk produced has not been so smooth. However, that does not make the problem because the baby will suck so vigorously that the process of the production of breast milk by itself.
  2. Give breast milk when the baby wants. As time went on, the baby is getting used to making their own time with adjusting to the production of breast milk that you have. At the moment this is the mother’s role is significant in maintaining diets, this is caused by diet and intake of eating mother very influential towards the production of breast milk.
  3. Give breast milk more than 6 months to increase consumption of packed against the baby.
  4. If you have an incredible flurry of outside the home or you are required to work, it would be better if you keep giving breast milk to the child.

You can like her take the time before you depart to pump and store it in the fridge (freezer). You can also do another way, most importantly the baby still consumes breast milk following his needs.

The obligation must be performed by a mother is giving breast milk exclusively against his son. Whatever the reason the mother is obliged to keep breastfeeding her baby, except if the mother had health issues on her breast to produce breast milk.

A right way in nursing: enough with 10 minutes but still regularly most mothers often linger in feeding the baby, it aims to let the baby the well-fed, and quickly falls asleep.

How To Thaw Frozen Breast Milk

how to thaw frozen breast milkHere’s a guide on how to melt the frozen breast milk has been stored in the refrigerator.

1. Select An Earlier Stored Breast Milk

If you are already a lot of store breast milk in the fridge, preferably select breast milk that had long been in the cooler to be used first. This is following the principles of FIFO (first in first out), where you have to pull out or use breast milk entered first.

2. Do Not Carelessly In The Melt The Frozen Breast Milk

Melt the frozen breast milk is no way. It is applied to retain nutrients and antibodies contained in the frozen breast milk.

3. Shake Breast Milk That Was Already Melting Slowly

After breast milk liquid, perhaps you’ll see two layers of fluid, i.e., the thickness of fat that is on the top and the liquid layer that exists underneath. This is a reasonable thing to happen.

To combine the two layers, you need to stir or whisk milk baby milk bottle before giving it to your baby. Shake gently, do not whisk it too loud.

4. Do Not Freeze Any More Breast Milk Already Disbursed

Frozen breast milk already expended can last up to 24 hours in the refrigerator and only last up to 4 hours at room temperature.

If milk previously frozen breast milk but not so used, should not freeze breast milk again. Frozen breast milk that was already liquid and more than 24 hours of unused, should immediately be discarded.

How To Defrost Breast Milk

how to defrost breast milkThe right way in the melt the frozen breast milk, i.e.:

  • Frozen breast milk stored in the freezer should be moved to the bottom of the refrigerator or refrigerator that has a higher temperature. You may need the time for a few hours or overnight (24 hours) to melt the frozen breast milk in the refrigerator. Or, you can also melt the frozen breast milk with a stream of cold water on the frozen breast milk container, which is then followed by a flow of warm water.
  • If you need breast milk in quick time, melt the frozen breast milk with the help of warm water. Place the container that contains the frozen breast milk in a larger bowl that holds warm water. Remember, warm water (less than 37 ° C) instead of hot water. Do not dilute the milk in boiling water or in the microwave. Also, don’t occasionally boil breast milk being frozen. Scorching temperatures can eliminate nutrients and damaging antibodies contained in fluid so that it becomes useless if given to your baby. Heat the milk in boiling water or in the microwave can also create hot spots or hot parts in breast milk so the baby’s mouth can burn.

How To Unfreeze Breast Milk

how to unfreeze breast milkMany theories have been saying that don’t warm the frozen breast milk in the microwave, heated with a stove or braised, or dipped in hot water.

Frozen breast milk which is heated too hot can cause the breast milk is damaged, nutrients and antibodies contained in breast milk may be lost.

In fact, the maximum temperature for heating breast milk is only for 40 ° C, which for us is not too warm. If breast milk is heated with temperatures above 40 ° C, then the nutrients and antibodies in it could start to decline.

So, you should be careful and should follow the guidelines correctly to warm the frozen breast milk for your child.

How To Warm Frozen Breast Milk

how to warm frozen breast milkIn addition to knowing how to freeze breast milk, you also need to know how to pump breast milk adequately before you store into the refrigerator.

Pumping by hand

  1. Place our hands on one of the breasts, on the edge of the areola. Place your thumb on top of the chest and loop the index finger and middle finger below the approximately 2.5-3.8 cm behind the nipple to form the letter. Suppose the thumbs are at 12, another two fingers were in position at 6. Thumb and index finger and middle finger face each other. The fingers are placed such that the shed breast milk.
  2. Press gently towards the chest without moving the position of the fingers. It is recommended that large breasts lifted first. Then pressed toward the chest.
  3. Make the movement rolled up with the direction of the thumb and fingers forward to milking breast milk out of the shed breast milk contained under the breast behind the nipple.
  4. Repeat these movements (1, 2, 3) until the flow of breast milk decreases. Then move the location of the thumb to another position (e.g., The direction of 9 and the fingers in the course of the clock 3, redo the pumping movements like yesteryear.
  5. Do both breasts alternately. So look breast milk radiates from the nipple, it means the move is correct and managed to suppress the shed breast milk. Put a wide-mouthed cup already sterilized under the breast pumped.

Using pump breast milk

If using the pump, electrical breast pump tool is the way aids-pumping breast milk is best and sufficient. It’s just that, the price is relatively high. Another way more affordable when you’ve got more funds, i.e.

Use the pump with a shaped pump or piston injection. The working principle of this instrument is indeed such as injections, to have the advantage, that every network easily cleaned and pumped pressure can be arranged.

How To Unthaw Breast Milk

how to unthaw breast milkOnce you are pumping breast milk you thoroughly and accurately, then you need to keep him correctly as well. To store your breast milk is safe, follow the steps below:

  • Put breast milk in pouches of food grade plastic, glass bottles, or plastic containers for food or could be included in a microwave container of melamine, glass, ceramic mug.
  • Give the date and time on each packet.
  • Save the time limit allowed.
  • If you wish to be frozen, insert first in the refrigerator overnight, then add into the freezer (the fridge to freeze food), use the maximum allowable limit before.

Frozen Breast Milk

frozen breast milkPumped breast milk dairy and frozen, usually can only be used up to a few hours ahead, with notes the way its storage as well as appropriate and conducive.

Here are some of the rules freeze breast milk safe:

Rules Container And Place Of Storing Breast Milk

Before pumping breast milk, a mother obliged to clean their hands until completely clean and sterile. Another thing that is not less important, the mother should also be careful in choosing where to store breast milk.

Rules Of Attaching The Label

Make it a habit of sticking a label that contains the description of the time when breast milk is pumped and stored. This is very useful for identifying how long breast milk is in the freezer.

The Rules Of The Temperature

Before the freeze breast milk, mother of mandatory cool it in the refrigerator first. Once cool, new move into the freezer. It is advisable to keep it in the innermost part of the, where the temperature was at most temperatures cool.

Rules Dilute The Dairy Breast Milk

Select breast milk the most frozen and stored, then old one night before breast milk is used, move the breast milk from the freezer into the fridge section is not too cold.

Immediately give breast milk that has been melted at the expiration time, your baby is 24 hours. When the left, quickly dispose of because it is strictly prohibited to return leftover breast milk dairy freeze.

How To Thaw Out Breast Milk

how to thaw out breast milkBreast milk in storage a long time in the freezer to make frozen breast milk and durable. However, note the ways that secure in melt the frozen breast milk.

Direct heat frozen breast milk by boiling it or put it in the microwave is not recommended. Why?

Breast milk is the most essential food for babies up to the age of 6 months. In breast milk, there is a wide range of nutrients needed for growth and development of infants.

Also, breast milk also contains antibodies that can help strengthen the immune system of babies who are still weak.

Most good indeed give breast milk directly to your baby. However, various things might make this baby breastfeeding activity difficult, especially for women workers.

So, many mothers who choose to store breast milk in the refrigerator or freezer so that it is breast milk. This certainly makes the breast milk into cold or frozen.

Cold or frozen breast milk indeed could not be directly given to your baby. You have to warm or thaw frozen breast milk before giving it to the baby. However, not with the way the boil or put it in the microwave!

Never heat the frozen breast milk to melt away in this manner. Heat breast milk will only undermine the nutrition and antibodies contained in breast milk. If it has been damaged, then breast milk is no longer beneficial for infants and should be discarded.

How To Warm Up Frozen Breast Milk

how to warm up frozen breast milkThe best way to the frozen breast milk is to melt slowly. You can choose from the following methods to thaw frozen breast milk.

Move it from freezer to refrigerator

If the baby does not need breast milk immediately, you can move the frozen breast milk from the fridge to the fridge.

This way it can melt the frozen breast milk slowly takes at least 24 hours. (remember, you can’t freeze breast milk in the freezer to thaw breast milk in the refrigerator after)

Put it under running water

If the baby needs breast milk immediately, remove the frozen breast milk from the freezer and then put the frozen breast milk under running water.

This way it can melt the frozen breast milk with faster. After all, thaw frozen breast milk soak breast milk in warm water.

Best Way To Thaw Breast Milk

best way to thaw breast milkYou should also pay attention to the storage places for breast milk your dairy. Here are a few things you should notice about the storage of breast milk dairy:

  • An excellent place to store breast milk is a place made of plastic with a lid or being which airtight, for example, milk bottle closed tightly, or individual pockets for breast milk.
  • Do not use bags that are not specific to breast milk, as it can rupture when frozen in the freezer.
  • Clean the bottle or container with warm water and soap, then rinse until clean with warm water or sterilized by boiling as well as prepare regular milk bottle, and then let it dry naturally. Be careful to cook place made of plastic, since only plastic labeled BPA-free safe when exposed to heat.

Thawing Frozen Breast Milk

thawing frozen breast milkBefore this given dairy breast milk in infants, breast milk dairy that has a store in a refrigerator required for through this step:

  1. Take the dairy breast milk has been saved a suitably milking time or first milked first have to give.
  2. If dairy breast milk stored in the refrigerator, then you need to be warmed by pasting a bottle on a container that contains warm water for about 15 minutes, then shake gently.
  3. For breast milk dairy has already frozen or previously stored in the freezer, then we suggest you melt it first dairy breast milk in the refrigerator about 12 hours. Put the bottle of breast milk dairy in the fridge overnight before breast milk the dairy needed. Avoid thaw breast milk dairy at room temperature. Dairy breast milk that heated can’t back frozen, but can still be stored in the refrigerator 24 hours.
  4. If thawing is needed quickly, you can dilute it with water sprayed squeeze breast milk or soaked by rain. Hold the bottle of breast milk dairy under running water with room temperature then increase the heat on the water periodically to dairy milk melts. Or you can put a bottle of breast milk dairy into a container containing water-temperature space, then replace the marinade several times water using the water a little warmer up dairy milk melts.
  5. In addition to using the container with warm water, how to dilute the breast milk dairy quickly you can use the bottle warmer. If you want to use the tool, you should pay attention to how it works. Make sure the temperature is changed gradually, with the devices that tested on breast milk. After dairy breast milk was warm, remove it immediately and do not continuously heated.
  6. Breast milk dairy is decidedly not recommended for heated use microwave or heated using a stove as in boil. The way the content of breast milk dairy can make the change. It can also make the mouth and esophagus burning baby.
  7. Actual dairy breast milk is not required for heated, but generally, this influenced the habits you have in the family. Baby by itself will show what he likes, whether breast milk warm and cold dairy.
  8. Make it a habit throwing out the remaining dairy breast milk, the rest of the breast milk does not give back on babies within a different drink and do not also store it back in the refrigerator or warm your back. If the baby is often the only remaining dairy breast milk warm then when needed, then the rest of it you can save it back in the refrigerator instead of in the freezer.
  9. Should you give breast milk dairy using a small spoon slowly.

Thawing Out Breast Milk

thawing out breast milkYou do not want to breastfeed so wasted due to damaged by way of disbursement is wrong, isn’t it? Before breast milk damaged exposed hot water so the main enemy, it’s worth a watch ten things:

  1. If you are storing breast milk in large quantities, make sure you always dilute the breast milk that has the most extended retention date. Apply the principle of first in first out (FIFO). Buy breast milk long in advance.
  2. Frozen dairy breast milk that you save in the freezer may not be directly you soak it in hot water. It must note that breast milk at all should not experience drastic temperature changes, because it can cause spotting on breast milk and eliminating the existing content of nutrients in breast milk.
  3. Frozen breast milk from the freezer, you should move it to the bottom of the refrigerator at least a few hours or a day before use. Can also normalize the temperature of breast milk with put it in running water warmer.
  4. If you are in a hurry and need a quick thaw breast milk with frozen breast milk, soak in a container of warm water, not hot. The recommended temperature is less than 37 degrees Celsius. Remember, heat can remove nutrients in breast milk. If not want to breastfeed is broken, never boil breast milk or put it in the microwave.
  5. You are not recommended to combine fresh dairy breast milk that comes from the refrigerator. The merger is only approved for breast milk which dairy distance no more than 24 hours.
  6. Cold dairy breast milk that comes from the chiller fridge can be normal right temperature by putting it at room temperature for a while. After that continued with his warm using warm water.
  7. Never serve a cold or breast milk breast milk that has not been entirely liquid to the baby. Notice the aroma of breast milk as well, yes. If breast milk already smells sour, we recommend that you discard and replace with new ones. You do not want the little one taking breast milk that has gone stale, right?
  8. Once defrosted, breast milk was only able to survive 24 hours. And most importantly, never freeze back breast milk that has liquid, because the content of nutrients in it could be damaged.
  9. The maximum temperature of the warm breast milk is 40 degrees Celsius. If hotter again, the content of existing antibodies in breast milk may lose.
  10. Shake breast milk evenly before given to the little one. Don’t also forget to check the temperature of breast milk that heated with a shed at a wrist. If proved already the right fitting, give it to the baby.

How To Heat Frozen Breast Milk

how to heat frozen breast milkFor mom to work, pumping breast milk is a routine that must be faced. Unfortunately, many mothers who accidentally made the mistake of storing breast milk dairy.

For that precious breast milk liquid not damaged, the mother needs to know how to store the breast milk properly. Notice 9 error saving breast milk that is harmful to the baby:

1. Storing Breast Milk Near The Meat Fresh

Pumped breast milk from the breast of mother nature is very sterile. If he is put in a container of sterile but is brought with the object that is not sterile, then the hygiene would be in doubt.

2. Keep It In Bottles That Are Not Dry

Many moms who save the breast milk into the bottle because it is not convinced by the quality of breast milk bag plastic. Eventually, he bought a lot of containers as storage of breast milk.

3. Error Saving Breast Milk Dairy Breast Milk Bags Because Of The Leak

Plastic bags of breast milk is the most popular among nursing mothers for storing breast milk. In addition to practical, breast milk sac is also safe because BPA-free and the price is even lower than a bottle of breast milk.

Unfortunately, this often-leaking breast milk pouches, especially when it’s been freezing in the refrigerator. In many cases, this occurs because of breast milk in the bag too full so that the adhesive that is on the top of the bag so slightly open.

4. Store The Frozen Breast Milk In The Refrigerator Up To Many Months

If the breast milk in refrigerator frozen already, then initially the electricity dead, so a little melting, then electric flame making breast milk back frozen, then the quality of breast milk has been really diminished. Mother forced to discard a lot of breast milk that has been milked with great struggle.

5. Freeze Breast Milk Into Ice Cube Mold

Pouring milk into an ice cube and put it in the freezer isn’t the right idea. Because the ice cube always had an open cavity that allows bacteria to get in there.

6. Heat The Frozen Breast Milk In The Microwave

Although practical, this way is not very safe for babies. The temperature of the heat in the microwave to make vitamins and immune system in breast milk a weakened even lost.

7. Save The Breast For Too Long

Breast milk may indeed survive until 6 to 12 months. But the levels of vitamin C between fresh breast milk with breast milk stored 24 hours are very different.

8. Freeze The Leftover Breast Milk Again

Is breast milk given to children left? Though just will stay at, freeze again dramatically reduces the quality of breast milk. If breast milk is already the rest, then the wisest step is to throw it away.

9. Pumping Without Hand-Washing First

As the liquid is sterile, “harvest ” also must be pure. Not to do the pumping in an unhygienic hand. Especially if you don’t have office space and lactation should be pumping in the bathroom.

How To Prepare Frozen Breast Milk

how to prepare frozen breast milkTo avoid the throwaway breast milk and more accessible to melt and warm it, store breast milk in measure 29 to 118 ml. Include dates for storage.

Breast milk from different pumping session or day is different can be combined in the same container, use the time of the first pumped breast milk.

Avoid adding the warm milk into the bowl of breast milk that was previously stored in the fridge or frozen breast milk refrigerate breast milk, the new prior combined. Breast milk is not broken unless it smells rancid or sour.

Thaw frozen breast milk:

  • Melt slowly in the refrigerator (this takes about 12 hours). Put breast milk in the fridge overnight before use. Avoid putting frozen breast milk at room temperature to melt.
  • For a quick thaw, flush the water to the top of the container of breast milk, start with cold water and slowly increase the temperature.
  • The previously frozen breast milk can be stored in refrigerator up to 24 hours after completion of the liquidated damages. Breast milk doesn’t be frozen again.

Warm breast milk:

  • Heat the water in a glass or a small container, and put breast milk in the water to be warm, or use the bottle warmer
  • Do not use the microwave or warm breast milk directly on the stove.
  • Part of the cream will rise to the top during storage. Gently shake the bottle to mix it before checking the temperature and give it to the baby.
  • When babies do not spend one session on breast milk, breast milk is still likely to return safely stored in the refrigerator and give again within 1 to 2 hours before it is discarded.

How To Heat Up Frozen Breast Milk

how to heat up frozen breast milkTwo main factors influence the length of time save breast milk are effective:


Breast milk in the freezer lasts longer than when stored in the refrigerator because the temperature is colder. But the condition of the inside of the fridge and the fridge will affect the length of time it’s saved.

Storage Containers Are Used

The second factor affecting the length of time the storage of breast milk is a storage container that you choose.

Ideally, you store breast milk in bags of breast milk or commercial plastic bottles. Both must be in clean condition and wholly sealed before storage to eliminate the risk of pollution can trigger breast milk is corrupted or stale.

Best Way To Defrost Breast Milk

best way to defrost breast milkDo the following steps to ascertain whether the breast milk you still deserve consumed baby:

1. Check The Appearance Of Breast Milk

Breast milk will naturally separate after being pumped, part of the fat rises to the top and water are at the bottom. While it was still in good condition, breast milk will be more natural to mix again with slowly twisting the bottle.

When breast milk you keep separate or there is a separator after trying to mix it up, possibly breast milk has not been feasible consumption and should be immediately discarded.

2. Kiss The Smell Of Breast Milk

If breast milk has been stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature, sniff it could be a way to determine if breast milk has been stale.

Remember, the variations, so it smells regular breast milk, but when you feel sour, the possibility of breast milk is already outdated.

In this way may not be appropriate when breast milk has been frozen. Because of the chemical changes that occur when the enzyme lipase breaks down fats and start frozen in breast milk, breast milk was disbursed can eliminate the smell of rancid or sour, though still very secure when breast milk contains this enzyme in high levels.

To test whether breast milk tends to have a rancid smell or acids, freeze a little breast milk for 5 days, then cleared, and check sniff it.

Because of the short time in this experiment, you can be sure the breast milk is not stale in a shorter time and supplies of breast milk that has this smell after a frozen still safe given to infants.

3. Taste The Breast Milk

Same as test sniff, taste breast milk. Breast milk When you store breast milk in the refrigerator, and breast milk tasted rancid or sour, it is likely already stale, and not given to the baby.

When you freeze breast milk and sour when thawed, see the steps above to determine whether breast milk does indeed tend to be acidic but safe after frozen because a lipase is high.

When breast milk you usually do not have a sour taste, but then it felt became sour, remove breast milk because the possibility is already stale.

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