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How To Use Manual Breast Pump

how to use manual breast pump

Nursing mothers are busy with activities outside the home need not worry, exclusive breastfeeding can do by pumping breast milk known as dairy milk. However, breastfeeding moms often complained about the way the less than optimal pumping breast milk so dairy breast milk just a little.

When pumping breast milk is good and can be trained so that mothers are accustomed to pumping breast milk. How to pump breast milk? The following is an article that can help you tip 18 pumping breast milk dairy.

Pumping breast milk is a skill, such as breastfeeding your baby. Here are some tips to help make the breast pumping easier and help you stimulate the reflex breast milk, not make putting pain, pump more milk and make you comfortable.

How To Use Manual Breast Pump Medela

how to use manual breast pump medelaFor many moms, how to give breast milk is by feeding the baby in the mother’s breast directly.

However, there are times when mothers should pump breast milk, for example, if the premature babies, or for supplies while the mother is working, or so her breast milk does not accumulate in the breast to prevent the breasts from swelling.

Mom can squeeze breast milk through a message directly by hand, or breast pump use the tool, either manually or electrically.

With pumping breast milk come out, you can still benefit from breast milk to a baby when you cannot directly to nurse him. If your baby prematurely, he may not be able to direct the sucking in your breasts, or your baby has problems or other ailments that make it difficult to address the milk in your breasts.

Also, you can issue the breast milk for this reason:

  • To incite the production of breast milk and increase reserves of breast milk
  • To reduce the pain and the pressure on a swollen breast
  • To keep a back up of your breast milk keep rising as you treated for some time, or you are working so can not give breast milk directly from your breast all the time.

Medela Manual Breast Pump

medela manual breast pumpHow much breast milk would you remove depends on the reason why you are removing the breast milk. If you are removing the breast milk to relieve the swelling in your breasts, you may just have pulled out of breast milk your chest until you feel better and you feel more comfortable.

If you are removing the breast milk for premature babies, you may need more and more often get it out to your baby’s food.

How much breast milk that you can remove depending on the individual. Some mothers were able to pull out a large volume of breast milk in every few hours, and there are also mothers who could only issue the as with the small amount but in time more often.

However, you should not judge your breast milk production ability of how much you can pull out of breast milk.

Best Manual Breast Pump

best manual breast pumpIf you choose to use pump breast milk easier, You merely put the suction tool on your breasts. Press the handle if you use a manual pump breast milk, or you turn the machine to pump breast milk electrically. A breast pump will hit your breast and store breast milk in a bottle attached.

If you wear a pump to draw out breast milk, do not forget always to keep it clean. We recommend washing with hot water and soap before and after the pump used to pump remains sterile.

Manual Hand Pump

manual hand pumpRemoving the breast milk with a message of the hand trick is to suppress the mammary glands at the back of the nipple, not squeezing your nipples.

While removing the breast milk through a massage of the hand, you should follow these suggestions:

  1. Before starting, we recommend that you wash your hands with soap and warm water and massage your breast gently.
  2. Hold your breasts right behind the areola, namely black area on your chest.
  3. Massage it gently using your fingers, thumbs on top of the breast and your other four fingers are at the bottom of the chest to form the letters c. It will not cause pain. Avoid squeezing your nipples directly as it will make your breast pain and can’t get out.
  4. Release the pressure, then repeat. Try not to shift the position of your finger. May initially only drop two drops of breast milk that came out, but if it continues to do can help you sweat fluid more and make the production of breast milk in the breasts are also a lot more. With a little practice and time, breast milk can come out smoothly.
  5. If there is no drop of breast milk coming out, move your fingers rotate around the breast and try a different part of your breasts, as well as continue to repeat.

Manual Breast Pump Tips

manual breast pump tipsThere are several ways that you can use to encourage let-down reflex, so breast milk more out while you are pumping. Here is how:

Try To Calm Down

You can issue the breast milk in a quiet, comfortable, and warm for you. You can pull out your regular place in breast milk breastfeeding your baby. While removing the breast milk, pull a deep breath slowly.

Massage Your Breast Gently

With touching and massaging the breasts, you can trigger the let-down reflex, so that later the breast milk can come out smoothly.

Think Of Your Baby And The Amount Of Breast Milk You Can Production

Both of these things can help breast milk come out smoothly. If the baby is premature or sick, you can more easily issue breast milk if a baby is next. However, when you are away from your baby, saw a picture of a baby might be able to help you out with breast milk.

You Need Someone Who Supports You

Many mothers who feel greatly helped when people around him back it up to give breast milk to infants. Could be from husband, parents, in-laws, or friends though. This support makes the mother spirit and confidence to be able to provide breast milk to the child.

Using A Manual Breast Pump

using a manual breast pumpThe first thing before you decide to pump breast milk, then you should choose the type of breast pump is the most appropriate.

Pumping breast milk differs with milking breast milk by hand because you rely on tools that will suck breast milk. All of the pump used must provide a sense of comfort to the breast. Although initially a lot of mothers feel breast pain because breast milk took with the aid of a pump.

So the secret to keeping it comfortable using pump breast milk can be customized with considerations:

  • Do you work and requires no time to pump breast milk?
  • Do you have a lot of spare time and rarely use the pump breast milk because it can be flushed with a hand or giving breast milk directly?
  • You always want to pump up with practical and quickly get breast milk in large quantities.

Cheap Manual Breast Pump

cheap manual breast pumpHere is the best time for pumping breast milk is best:

  1. The morning after your baby is breastfeeding for the morning.
  2. When you relax then try to pump breast milk.
  3. Try to pump breast milk when breast feels full.
  4. Try to pump breast milk during breastfeeding.
  5. If you work then try pumping breast milk while it is off.
  6. Do pumping breast milk on a regular basis so that it can stimulate the production of breast milk right and you feel comfortable though should take breast milk with a pump.

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