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Parenting Tips For Preschoolers

parenting tips for preschoolers

A new mother may feel that he will do everything wrong. Even the most basic tasks, such as carrying, diaper change, feeding, and taking it gives a sense of fear. Yes, that is what is called a classic reaction to new Mothers. It is normal because the mother carries a big responsibility and feel fatigued over the experience of lying.

Preschool age is part of the golden age is very important in the development of your child. Routines and learning they do will give effect to the formation of character and habits after their great.

Make Sure Your Child Is Practicing Self-Reliance

Some parents sometimes worry that his son just listened to his teacher and doing the opposite at home, such as refuse smoothed toys, whining for applied shoes, and do not dare to the toilet alone. But at school, he is doing it all yourself.

Provide More Challenging Tasks

The children can do more than you can imagine. Do you know of a good school, let the kids pour water and prepare their food, discarding the former food in their plates, cleaning tables, and save their bags in lockers? Therefore, do the same thing and give it a new challenge when he was able to master the one skill.

Do Not Repeat What They Have Done

If your child is tidying up his bed, hold yourself to your standard. If she dressed in a mix and match which does not comply with your rules, give praise as necessary. Unless necessary, do not fix what resolved your child will significantly help cultivate independence and trust him.

Let Them Solve Simple Problems

If you see your child tries to assemble a toy or get a book off the shelf that can he achieve by standing on a small chair, stop your craving for a moment to help him? As long as they are safe, give the kids time to solve things for themselves is the development of character.

Assign A Task

Give it a simple task to preschoolers you’ll build trust and a sense of being able to. A child entrusted to watering plants or take a Clothesline from the dryer the clothes tend to believe that she can also dress themselves or prepare your food.

Reading Tips For Preschool Parents

reading tips for preschool parentsParents must be good at this age are utilizing to maximize the function of his brain to its full potential. Based on various studies, it turns out to play activities proved to be developed throughout their brain cell function rapidly. At the time of the child’s play, involves the entire sensory senses well.

Here are some creative tips to teach reading in children, among other things:

  1. Give a name to all existing objects in the classroom/home, with cards that written with a marker is excellent. With most children see, in the child’s brain will be memorizing reaction formed little by little, from the name of the object as a whole, and then in detail each character.
  2. Play guess the card by matching the cards illustrated with a map that only contain writing. For example picture cards inscribed with the card suits shirts. To simplify the instructions given with the same colors.
  3. Do not teach the alphabet first, because at the age of 2-6 years of children not yet able to memorize the symbols and logical thinking. If we rush to invite children to remember the alphabet, then the time will have been missed, children’s play area so that only the left brain is developing, and even then no maximum.
  4. Grow interested read the child with a habit of reciting the book towards the bed, choose a picture book appealing and facing large-large. 15-20 minutes set aside for him because at the moment this is the memory of the child getting stronger.
  5. It will be even better when you have a computer at home. With the variety of software available in bookstores, you can teach a child to read and also adept at playing the machine.
  6. If an interest read the child begins to grow and the right age (5-6 years), start to introduce the letter springs from his name, for example, the children involved to draw up the letters forming the name. When he began smoothly to pronounce the letters in his name, add another word that is easy to understand, for example, mama, Dada, etc.

Preschool Parent Teacher Conferences Tips For Teachers

preschool parent teacher conferences tips for teachersMany children spend at school. Therefore, already no stranger anymore if the child has close contact with their teachers. As parents, Moms of course also have to maintain a good relationship with the teacher, so that it can monitor the child’s development. What’s more, the teacher could be one of the learning motivation of students.

Well, the five following ways can do to build good relations between teachers with parents of pupils at the school:

1. Regular Communication

Do not let the Moms only contact teachers when a child has a problem. We recommend that you start dealing well with teachers since the beginning of the child’s entry into the school using diligent communicate. In addition to the monitoring of child development, communication can also be used to find out what kind of teachers, including how to teach it. So, Moms have more confidence when leaving your child at school.

2. Occasional Banalities

There is no wrong in the particular chat to another point outside of the child, especially when face to face with the teacher. It can make Moms with teachers so as not stiffly. But, don’t be too often.

3. Give Appreciation

When children tell stories about school activities and the positive things that teachers taught, let appreciation. Teach children to thank a teacher. Occasionally, there is no harm in giving gifts to teachers, for example, a light snack or gift shop.

4. Active In School Activities

The school is a second home for the child. Therefore, it is supposed to be Moms take on the role of parents in the education of children with actively involved in any school activities, especially those involving children. So, teachers felt Moms join share responsibility in educating children.

5. Friends Discussion

When the value of the child or the child is ugly complain, reserved teachers, do not directly blame the teacher. Invite teachers to discuss student learning and motivation regarding what is actually experienced by children, and together find a solution. By working together, the problem can be solved more quickly and can return the spirit of learning at school.

Tips For Preschool Parents

tips for preschool parentsFor preschoolers several ways can improve the performance of his brain, so so smarter. If we do it consistently, then this event could be a stimulation for the mind of the child, in particular, the parts of the brain that holds executive functions.

Play Temples Or Play Drama

Main temples or the central drama is the activity that endeared the brain. When the main temples, the child will be holding its role and the role of others in her mind. This activity can train his recollection. So they must remain on his character that will help control itself.

Reciting Stories Or Storytelling

Perhaps the mother and father often storytelling or recount the story for the little one. Not suspected, these simple activities can make children smarter. Because while listening to the story it makes children should pay attention in quite a long time.

Playing The Odds

Never play with the little obstacles in the House, the Bun? Straightforward anyway game, we need to make the barriers so that the child cannot run or walk as you wish. For example, we put a Chair in the middle of the room, and crawled under the cardboard or space under the table, and so on, so that the children are challenged to complete the obstacles.

Playing Feel

Already been playing feel with my child? The trick, put some objects that are familiar with the little one in the box or bag. Next, we ask children to hold the object without looking at it, then guess what it is.

Tips For Parents Of Preschoolers

tips for parents of preschoolersMany schools that assert itself as a quality school by selling the building and education facilities or have international-standard school as jargon. But the lesson that maybe not as good as building or jargon which hailed.

Some of the points here are that we can do in choosing the best school for the sons and daughters of our

  • Collect as many data as possible from the print media, electronics, the internet or from friends and family about a quality school. If possible, come to the exhibition of education so that we can get complete information directly from the institution.
  • After some of the options decides to do the observation with the go straight to the school. Ask many things as much detail as possible in the school.
  • Ask status or school accreditation and licensing.
  • Do the observation about the physical state of schools, ranging from the atmosphere of the classroom, canteen, sports facilities and toilets as well as places of worship.
  • Do the observation class when the learning is in progress to see the capabilities of the teacher teaching and learning which done. If you’re not allowed the school to conduct observation class, stated that you as parents of prospective students reserve the right to do so) .Do not forgets to take your child to see a school will be selected. Involve them in decision making.
  • Don’t be gullible with facilities and jargon of the school. It could ba school purely turns out to have a creative teacher so it can change the simplicity becomes the media-rich learning meaning for children Preschoolol Age was a golden age when children absorb a variety of values and norms of life. Please choose a school that has teachers who do good deeds so that children can absorb the spirit of spirituality that emanated from the beauty of their morals.

Positive Parenting Tips For Preschoolers

positive parenting tips for preschoolersChildren aged two years are in the stage of studying the rule which allowed and which ones should not. So, if he saw as being so naughty, she didn’t do it intentionally.

Here are a few rules that can be applied to help the little accustomed to discipline early on, which would be beneficial for him as he matures later.

  1. Always give the award while he was nice
  2. Do not make the rules too restrictive
  3. Remember the limitations of children and do not expect excessively
  4. Adjust the penalty with his age
  5. Do not vary the laws and penalties
  6. Make sure all those parenting you apply the same discipline
  7. Remember that the little mimic You

Parent Tips For Preschoolers

parent tips for preschoolersIn the age of the child is the most active and make this frustrating, not a few parents who make mistakes. The following faults thus making parents more dizziness and uncontrollable children.

Here are the mistakes often made by parents in educating his children:

1. Inconsistent

Commands and routines make the place feel little protection from the world they see cannot predict.

Wherever possible, try to do everything appropriate routines that are already made. Doing it consistently is indeed tricky, especially if in the parenting You assisted by other people (babysitters or parent). But ask people to opt-in to participate in making this routine.

2. Too Much Help

Some parents will directly help their toddler while the little one couldn’t do something. Before you do that, you have to understand that by supporting for example wore sandals or put up a puzzle while playing, can make a child think he can’t do it alone or with other words are not competent.

3. Focus On The Negative Things

Parents will be quickly hooked his emotions upon seeing the child doing negative things and don’t really care or even remember the positive things that kids do. Parents focus on what do not want their children doing.

4. Too Much Talk

Talk to the toddler could be one way to make it according to and understand something. But the way it has done is not appropriate when they are angry or rebellious attitude shows.

5. Forget To Invite Play

Many parents who feel the need to flood their children with educational programs. But not necessarily the way it favored children.


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