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Things You Should Never Say To Your Child

things you should never say to your child

Being a parent of a child who is already a toddler age, it seems easy-easily distress Yes. While the children were still toddlers, parents become incredibly tolerant of certain conditions, but sometimes when some very naughty children parents have trouble in finding the situation to deal with it and in fact, often you made dizzy how to see the right solution to educate the children.

Already no doubt that being a parent is not an easy thing, you as a parent are required to produce an independent child and filled with responsibility. A small error in educating children could be fatal that can also result in a pattern of life and habits of the child itself.

Also, toddlers have not provided the ability to discern which ones are good and which are sorry that children tend to imitated and adopted the ways and behavior that often occurs in his life. For that reason, why the environment must be constantly guarded.

The difference will be visible on the child who grew up and raised in a family that was warm and loving with children who always get the ‘ hard ‘ upbringing patterns of his parents. Unfortunately, not many parents who know how to provide a good environment for the optimal growth of the child. As a result, the child is not growing as expected.

10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Child

10 things you should never say to your childAs parents we have to know what are the words that should not cast ourselves to the child, the following sentence should not we give to children.

1. Bad Boy.

Bad boy is the son of the more active of the companions. She moves and think more than other children. Although children make mischief, we should not give a nickname or a label on the child. Because it considered that the child could make himself a naughty child, and children will feel more comfortable being a naughty boy. Because with nasty, she can get whatever you want.

2. Whiny Children/Male Maudlin.

Crying is a natural human response that animate. An average human being most certainly never complained, so did the kids. Did we think if we give the label crybaby in children who were crying, then it does not cover the possibility of the child will be more shut down with the parents?

3. Threaten “Beware Is Your Daddy Come Home Later.”

If parents often do this, then from now on stop to do it, because it can damage the mental by threatening the little one. Than threatening would be much better if advised children not to be naughty and a gentle way of course.

4. Go Away, I Am Busy!

Sometimes the density of work makes us stress and distress, let alone work should take home because the deadline gets closer. Whatever we are, never expelled children to stay away or go away from us. Never do this, because the child can feel not needed and there is no point to meet or talk with your parents.

5. You Should Be Like You/Your Friends.

Proclaimed that the child is not very good. Every child is born with different abilities. Therefore, never compare one with the other. It can make the child feel inadequate and lost confidence, and the son was reluctant to tell me the problem in the elderly.

6. “You Always Just… “

Words always mean often, you should think of the words that will we spend on children, when children make mistakes. For example, “you always wake up late” by saying this, then suggested that woke up late, it was reasonable, because “I did always get up late.”

7. “You Never Did What I Ask.”

The word we are a prayer for our children. Use words that are soft when a beloved daughter son criticism, ask them “what do you want kiddo/you want how” this way would be better than saying “you never … “.

8. “Not So, I Will Do That.”

The sentence is usually often uttered by You when you start to feel impatient children see the work. Don’t give a child a criticism, as it makes the child sense that he was unable to finish his job and it also makes the children not confident in doing something.

9. Words Which Scare Him.

To reduce or make children not naughty, or wants to ban child to do such a thing, sometimes parents often frighten children with the words, “later Mom will call the police,” “don’t get there, there is a ghost.” Perhaps in childhood children do not understand and too influential will the words.

10. Words That Promise Something.

When children whine wants something, regardless of a child’s needs, parents often unwittingly lure something to children as gifts or rewards. Like, “restore your toys, later traded for you mama” or if the child does something, the parent promised to take him to a place or promised to buy something for him.

How To Say No To Your Teenager

how to say no to your teenagerThe problem occurs when you say no to adolescents because they are not good at taking answers. Here is advice for parenting teens that you must follow if you want to avoid tension and arguments usually follows  “no’s.”

Say No But Explain Why

Teenagers can not merely accept “no” with a simple, they need a reason behind it, and the idea has to be logical. So always think briefly before saying no. Come up with compelling reasons that support your decision. For example, if your child asks for expensive handsets and you want to say no, tell him that it’s because your budget is tight.

Be Polite And Reasonable

If you do not agree with your child about something, then it does not mean you can be rude. Say no to your kids the polite, so they don’t feel hurt. Should you say politely, for example, “I am sorry, but I do not allow You to do this or”   “I understand your situation completely, but I can’t give it to you.”

Listen To Your Teen’s Point Of View

Let the child tell perspectives before saying no or Yes. Some parents immediately say no without listening to what is supposed to be their children. It will engender a sense of hate on children, and they will feel that you are not concerned with them. Listen to them first, and then have some time to think before saying no, if necessary.

Stay Calm But Be Asertif

Some teens are smart enough to get the answer yes even if parents refused at first. What if your teen begins to scream in public places or cry to get what they want? In this case, you will have no other choice but to listen to it because no one wants to make the play.

Things You Should Never Say To Your Teenage Daughter

things you should never say to your teenage daughterKeep communication with your children who are teenage indeed is not as easy as they are still in infancy. At the age of, often they felt it was mature enough and able to do anything on its own. Here are words you should never speak to a teenager:

 “I Understand How You Feel, BUT…”

Your child may reveal that she was very distressed by the course load and she’s not sure she wants to take a test selection in one of the colleges. We recommend that you give the best advice and does not add the burden of her mind, as advised to meet with a counselor accompanying.

 “You’re So Lazy. You’re Such A Slob. “

If you want to inspire – or at least nudged-a teenager to change the behavior, don’t be too focused on the action itself. You should also be consistent with applying the consequences if your child does a thing that is not good.

 “Find Your Passion.”

Redirect the child for the future is indeed very good, but the support by telling his desire to find the record can be something scary for teens who are still looking for their identity.

What To Do When Kids Say No

what to do when kids say noHave you ever told the little one to eat immediately, however, he only responded  “Yes’s” without actually moving to the dinner table? Or, when you are related to putting her toys, she pretends not to listen and continued to play?

These are unique tips that you can do at home to deal with a child who is to be Stoic and errant:

Give the command as simple as possible

The sentence could cast when the Mother told the child to perform a task that’s too hard to follow. Either because it is complicated, too long, or composed of several jobs at once.

The command must be clear and realistic

One of the most important things when told the child is giving the authority that’s the bright and sensible thing to do. The Messenger like,  “Let’s deal with the room you! ” is not only abstract but also beyond the ability of the little one.

Always give the child the motivation

Do not let a child do something due to the worry you are angry. Than children still feel burdened, give him the motivation to do something because it is aware that it is essential to do.

Nice Things To Say To Your Son

nice things to say to your sonFor children, the sentences they hear from people every day can affect psychological conditions. To that end, it is essential for parents to always speak with a particular conviction.

Here are the sentences that you should always tell the children to motivate them:

  1. “Father/mother dear you. ” this mandatory Sentences pronounced every day, even allowed many times.
  2. “Father/mother would prefer if you did … ” convey the positive aspects of the behavior of more advisable than the negative aspects.
  3. “you make the father/mother happy. ” Sentences that make kids feel more valuable.
  4. “father/mother proud of you.” This sentence makes the children feel that their hard work appreciated by parents.
  5. “you are special.” Children need to feel that he was exceptional with all its uniqueness.
  6. “Father/mother of believing in you.” Build a sense of trust with children will push them into personal honesty.
  7. “Father/mother is sure to you.” This sentence is to build confidence and make the kids feel worthless.
  8. “Father/mother of believing you can. ” Tell the children that you as a parent will trust their ability to do things and not to easily give up.
  9. “Father/mother thankful because you exist.” The specific sentence to make the kids feel unique and appreciated by parents.

Positive Things To Say To Your Child

positive things to say to your childThe specific sentence you say will make children feel safe and comfortable on the side of her parents. In tough times, he will know how to bounce back. That’s because You are always a particular sentence that still remembers.

Then what the hell is an affirmative sentence should say on a daily basis?

1.  “Mommy Proud Of You.”

The children, in any age, longs for someone who can make him feel worthless.

Don’t wait; he became a champion for his praise. Describe your support at any time, including for the success of the child doing simple things. For example, when he could ride a two-wheel bike.

2.  “Forgive Me.”

Parents are also human beings, and they do not get the error. Reasonable if at any time you cannot control their emotions and anger at the child.

3. “Let Me Repeat, Mommy Doesn’t Listen.”

The time was still a baby; children need a clean diaper and ASI. As he grew up, his needs increase. He needs to be heard, like other rational human beings in this world.

4.  “You Can.”

Say this every time the child was trying to do something new. For example, while he was learning to swim or learn multiplication.

Say it with passion and don’t are putting out disappointment when he failed. See you upset will only add to the burden on the heart.

5.  “Mommy Dear You. “

Affirmative sentences this is the most powerful among them all. Don’t worry children will be spoiled because you often say it’s a shame to him.

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