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Ways To Be Fantastic Parent

ways to be fantastic parent

Be a parent and raising children is not an easy job. Also, there are no individual schools how to be a good parent. Being a great parent in the future does not come naturally for granted. Everything must prepare carefully.

Parents are not the only status, but also as parents, we must understand the role of each. Parents consist of two people in it, i.e., mom and dad. Well, from the respective part of each man must know and be able to run with her role as best as possible so that a harmonious family will create.

More than that, all parents should understand the concept of the self from the parents, which means that parents have to assume will be taken where parenting to award to his children. As for the most crucial role of the parents in a family is encouraged to grow flower child from the audiovisual and motoric.

And this not only involves the mother as the culprit, but also involves the role of the father as meet and support each of the nutrients needed by his son sought sufficiently a living in a family.

Well, also, below are some tips on how to become a smart parent who is excellent in a family.

1. Great Parents Always Have Spare Time For Family

Great parents are those who have a personal fun and will always remember the importance of taking the time together with family and children. However, it does not mean that the parents must continuously play and have fun with family all day.

2. Excellent Parent Is A Superb Example

Yes, every parent wants her child to grow up to be personally responsible, compassionate, trustworthy, ethical and straightforward. But of course, teach moral values like this in children is not as easy when you show a child to swim, run or singing.

3. Great Parents Know When To Let Go

In this point maybe this will be filled with love and grief. But the most crucial part of a role as a parent is not to be the object of the child’s life. Thus, as parents, we have always to be pushing children to be able to start doing things for yourself.

Parenting Tips

parenting tipsAll methods of parenting that’s fine, as long as its application adapted to the psychological conditions and the age of the minor. Than your parenting in ways that conventional, there are myriad ways to educate children who can emulate the parents these days, what are those?

1. To Familiarize The Children Get To Know The Outside Environment

The first modern parenting tips that should apply to parents is to accustom them to understand the surroundings. One way is with frequent-often took her out of the House. Need not be an expensive or far from home, in the complex around the House is also no problem.

2. Do Not Overload Your Child With Extra Tutoring

Any parents, of course, want to have a successful child and Excel in school. Therefore, a great many who registered her son to run less/additional lessons that are not needed would add to the burden of even just the children.

3. Thinking Fear Dirty

Well, the modern method of parenting this is third in a few years is being heavily campaigned many parents and educational institutions. If in the old day’s many mothers forbade his son to play dirty-dirt, now just the opposite.

4. Once Upon A Time Ignore Tradition

An awful lot of conventional parenting methods thus less precise applied in this day and age. Once upon a time, ignore tradition or “culture” parenting advocated others and begin to find a way to educate a child who you think is most appropriate for your child. Why is that? Because most parents who understand about the child.

5. Give Praise

Anyone must be very pleased if given the appreciation/praise, let alone children. Recognition is our appreciation of the stance against the acts, or their attitude is right. Then too many criticize their mistakes, make it a habit of giving praise for a child. It can lead them to repeat the good attitudes/actions they have done before.

6. Dare To Take Risks

Protective Customs Department prohibits aka conducted the old man turns out to be wrong in the future, you know. It will make children afraid of taking risks and are reluctant to get out of the comfort zone that will impact severely on his life as he was about to go up.

7. Don’t Forget Vitamins

In addition to the six tips above, don’t remember to also balance the needs of the child by giving him vitamin intake, child, or other nutritious foods and supplements to improve the appetite, aiding the development of the brain, as well as boost the immune system of the body. When small children, there is indeed a time where he has difficulty eating, not eat vegetables and others.

How To Be A Parent

how to be a parentBeing a great parent is not easy. Parents should be extra patient in the face of the child. Hold your emotions in order not to lose control and still be a good role model for children.

Try To Look Something From The Perspective Of The Child

Becomes the parent often makes us forget that the son has a different perspective from the US. Understand the child’s point of view, does not mean consent. However, you will better understand why children do things and the reasons behind it.

More Listening And Paying Attention

Every day, of course, we have problems that need to consider, or even give rise to stress. Such bills are piling up, the cost of the ever-increasing needs. When we immersed in the problem itself, we quickly cast rage on the child when he’s doing things that keep us distracted.

Anxious One Thing At A Time

Often, Parents feel overwhelmed while some problems are coming together. Like a child’s school fees rise, unpaid bills, to the Affairs of the employment and social relationships with family and neighbors near were problematic. Make sure you stay focused and can provide the scale of priorities which should resolve first.

Remember That Kids Can Make Mistakes

Have children obedient, submissive and always behave correctly is the dream of every parent. However, there are times when her tantrum in public places. But when at home he became a sweet kid, but when in front of people he immediately rampages and don’t want to be silent.

How To Parent

how to parentBeing a parent requires a high level of patience regarding educating children. The commitment and sacrifice of time and energy will also be things to be prepared by them.

Be a parent who is successful in educating children, of course; there is the trick. Here are some ways that you can do:

Keep Eyes Open

Children, especially when they are young, not can clearly distinguish which ones are good or not, and cannot detect that something terrible will happen. As a parent, you should make sure that they are in a safe state and keep them from bad things that are around them.

Communicate With School Teachers

Build rapport with the teacher of the school will help you get the information about the child. Teachers can let you know about any behavior that is done your kids in school, and give a second opinion if there is a change in behavior in him.


When your children grow up, make sure he can socialize with friends his age. Interact and will help him develop themselves and formed his character naturally. Limit the Association at early age children are growing precisely will only hinder its development.

Helped Him Become An Independent Individual

You should be able to inculcate in themselves characteristics which are independent. Not dependent on others and can do everything independently, can form high confidence in child development.

Good Parenting

good parentingGood parenting is a method which let children through stages of flower grows according to its ability, without being forced to have made alone been hampered because the parents are too protective. Be parents who set life, and overly overparenting are also not good.

Here are the six methods of parenting Parents can follow to ensure children lead a growing swell of the appropriate maximum stage of his age.

1. Accustom Children To Play Outdoors Early

Routines outdoors should be conditioned early on, if possible since the fruit of the heart. It will positively impact growing important role also gave him the sunlight and fresh air are beneficial for him.

2. Make Her Childhood Is Simple But Full Of Meaning

Children’s task is to play and enjoy his childhood. No youth should be the fruit of the heart filled with the duty to study, and this was less.

Meet his daily schedule with activities that could impact the densely super bad. Balanced time is learning and playing for children. Create his childhood as simple as possible and without the burden that he hasn’t been able to bear as children.

3. Teach Children To Love The Environment

So that the children enjoyed the atmosphere, indeed Parents themselves should also give an example. Separate trash can recycle and non-recycled, dump it in place, as well as care for plants.

4. Let The Occasional Dirty Child

Often Parents forbid children to play outdoors if it were to rain and the ground becomes muddy. You don’t want to sick children or have to deal with dirty clothes because he was playing a mud.

5. Do Not Follow The Culture

An awful lot of parenting methods inherited hereditary, from our ancestors. Some even become cultural customs and in taking care of children who cannot remove from the community.

6. Limit Screen Time

Television or smartphone is very interesting because it presents a variety of information and entertainment that is useful. However, the parent and child need to take the time to spend time together without the use of the advanced objects at all.


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