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What Do Babies Dream About

what do babies dream about

Can Baby dream? Even from 6-7 months of pregnancy, babies also have the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep, which is the stage where the baby sleeps well, and the baby’s sleeping range is 80% in this stage.

Some experts set the scene of REM as a dreaming stage. Because, at this stage the activities of neurons or nerve cells in the brain as active as awake, while the physiological state of the body is not active, so it is not impossible when the baby dreams.

Do Babies Dream

do babies dreamWhat is the baby’s dream content? We may never know for sure, said Parents advisor, Jodi Mindell, Ph.D., associate director of Sleep Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

However, we know that adult dreams occur during REM sleep (rapid eye movement) or rapid eye movements, and babies spend 50 percent of their time at REM, which contributes nearly twice as much as adults.

“It would be a logical thinking that babies dream and that it has something to do with the development of their brains because they spend so much time in this stage of sleep.” Jodi.

But it’s hard to imagine the dream world of a baby because he does not have an explicit language or concept of people and things.

Chances are, he did not have nightmares, though, because he probably did not yet understand the meaning of fear. “We suspect the nightmare does not happen until the children are 2 or 3 years old and have a better idea for fear and active imagination that can conjure up the nightmare,” said Dr. Jodi.

Baby Dream Meaning

baby dream meaningNeuroscientists and psychologists explain what a baby dreams during sleep. And its benefits in baby’s brain development.

Perhaps, Parents always wonder if the baby dreams while sleeping? Does a baby have the same dream as an adult, or is it different? Especially if you see her little mouth smile or even a big laugh when she slept.

According to a psychologist named David Foulkes, who is an expert on dream problems. People often misunderstand the ability of the baby to dream while sleeping.

Foulkes and other neurologists, considering the infant’s experience is still limited to reality. Also their brain’s immature ability. So these scientists assume that what the dream of a baby is still empty for the first few years of life.

What Do Baby Dreams Mean

what do baby dreams meanWhen newborn, the baby will experience the phase of REM (rapid eye movement) or sleep with the eyes open. This phase, if it occurs in adults, will make them dream.

The newborn baby will spend most of his time in this REM phase. Sometimes, the baby’s eyes suddenly open, his body wriggling, or other limb movements.

In comparison, adults spend only a quarter of their sleep time in the REM phase. And the rest in non-dreaming REM phase.

If the baby dreams during the REM phase, then he will have a dream equivalent to 8 hours of waking time.

Neuroscientists believe, the REM sleep phase in newborns is very different from what is experienced by toddlers.

Newborns undergo a REM phase to develop patterns and grooves in their brain, which help develop language.

When Do Babies Start Dreaming

when do babies start dreamingBabies dreaming while sleeping according to the neurologist is a cognitive process that appears in the early childhood. That arises when the child is able to describe objects and spaces around them visually.

According to research conducted by Foulkes and his colleagues, children aged 4-5 years describe their dreams as empty and static. No character or movement, no emotion, and memory of the idea.

A dream that is clear and can be remembered by a child, just started there when he was 7-8 years old. At the same time, children begin to develop an understanding of their own identity.

Scientists think that an awareness of identity is necessary for someone to dream. In fact, the amount of knowledge the child has, as well as the understanding he has. Very closely related to the amount and vibrancy in the child’s dream structure.

When research found Foulkes reveals that dreams in childhood are related to infancy. Neurologists reach the conclusion that what the baby dreams of is still empty, or very little. But the cells in his brain remain interconnected.

Baby Dreams

baby dreamsWhat causes babies to dream? Dreams will come as a form of description of all aspects that have occurred on that day or days ago, or the form of hope, fantasy, the imagination that a person wants to achieve.

If what happens to his experience is something happy, then usually a beautiful dream will happen. Conversely, if what happens is a traumatic or frightening experience, then what happens is a nightmare. This also applies to baby dreams.

Do Babies Have Bad Dreams

do babies have bad dreamsWhen sleep is restless or even to cry may be a nightmare.

Not only adults, but babies can also dream while sleeping. So, what most babies imagine about, considering they are not communicative subjects.

You and your parents must be curious about this. But some experts can explain it, so you are not too interested anymore.

Dr. Edward Kulich, a pediatrician specializing in child’s sleeping habits, says babies have a REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, a stage in which the infant who is sleeping his eyes moves quickly. This condition is usually associated with dreams.

“We can assume, that children absorb the daily experience,” he added.

So, there is a part of their everyday life that may appear in his dream. Eat, smell, choose, feel warm and comfortable, hungry, bored, or the scent of the surrounding environment. All of that, Kulich says, are some sources of baby dreams.

Dr. Alan Greene, a pediatrician from New York, believes that many baby dreams are related to his parents (mom and dad).

Can Babies Have Bad Dreams

can babies have bad dreamsJust like adults, babies are sometimes a pleasant dream like a dream view or drink milk or even the occasional bad dream.

“It could happen for example when baby feels stress due to illness or hunger,” he said. And all the things that make him cry can also get carried away in the dream.

Some researchers believe that children can be a nightmare start to appear at the age of two years, but according to Greene, the peak baby crying in the first six weeks of age. It is also the peak age for they have nightmares.

However, most experts say, there is no sure way of knowing what the actual baby dream, because they have not been able to express themselves. Some moms may not agree with this opinion. How about you?

Do Babies Dream In The Womb

do babies dream in the wombWhat to do when you see a baby dream? No need to get confused, let alone panic when looking at the baby’s expression of his thoughts. Your panic instead makes your baby wakes up and panic. Better, you:

  • Check the position of sleep, diapers or baby bedroom situations. Who knew he was troubled because the room temperature is hot, uncomfortable sleep position or the diaper is wet.
  • Not wake your baby a shout or cry while sleeping. Just wait until he wakes up alone.
  • Embrace and whisper. When the baby sleeps, he is still sensitive to the sound. Say that you’re there with him, you love him, or anything else that will add to the comfort of your baby.


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