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What Makes A Good Parent

what makes a good parent

Becoming a parent can be one of life experience is valuable, but it is by no means easy. Regardless of the age of your child, your job never is done.

To be a good parent, you need to know how to make your child feel appreciated and loved, while you teach the difference between right and wrong.

In the end, the common important thing is to shape the environment in which your child parenting feel they can be successful and develop into a mature individual, independent, confident and caring. If you want to know how to be a good parent, take a look at the first step for you to do.

List Of What Makes A Good Parent

list of what makes a good parentEach pair of parents naturally wants to be the best mom and Dad for his son. The kids continue to grow and evolve; it is essential for older people to grow and change to meet the needs of every child depends on their age.

Here are some ways that can use as a role model for parents to get better:

Always Be Patient

Sometimes when feeling depressed, older people become frustrated and venting Shannan snapped the little one when they are doing something wrong. We recommend that when reduced, take a moment before giving a reaction.

Take The Time

If parents have more than one child would indeed be difficult to find a particular time together with each child. But it is essential for every child.

Never Stop Learning

Provide time to research what are the things that are important to the little one. Take the time to learn about the issues, the challenges they face, and how they feel because it will all be used to help handle the situation they face.

Say No

If you are typical parents that it’s hard to say no to children, then you should learn to start saying no to things that are not necessary. For example, when the little one wants a toy that is not required, learn to say no firmly though she whines continuously.

Admit When Wrong

Children learn from their parents because they feel the old man is the highest leader in the House. Therefore, parents should make decisions for the right reasons.

Topic What Makes A Good Parent

Research showed that in one day the parents provide more than 2000 orders. How a good rule is to give examples of acts that should be done by the children.

Let The Child Feel ‘ Powerful ‘

the key to success to become good parents are letting children have the power to make decisions, has the choice, and more.

Use ‘ Natural Consequences ‘

Natural consequences here the intent is to let the child get a result that will encounter if he was wrong in doing something.

Avoid Conflicts With The Child

Children are indeed his emotions are unstable. When the child begins to get angry and to scream at you, you can avoid it by way of switching the venue or getting away from your child.

Be Consistent Parents

A consistent trait should exemplify by both parents. Example: when parents can’t buy her child sweets, a parent need not give a promise to the child that the mother or father will buy candy.

What A Good Parent Does

If you want to be good parents, here are a few tips that you can apply to your child:

Listen to what was said by your child.

  • Go back and look at your past as often as possible. Discover the mistakes made by the parent’s “you’re,” and try not to do it on some of the next generations.
  • Encourage implementation of introspection with shared with your child about Your self-evaluation.
  • Do not live their lives. Let them earn their own choices and live a life they want.
  • Teens who are at times toward adults need support from the parents more than ever. Don’t think because they have aged 18 or 21 years old; you can leave them to find their wishes.
  • Increase your child’s social ability.

What Do You Think Makes A Good Parent

what do you think makes a good parentNot only have to be a good example, but you should also get to be the figure who became the most prominent proponent of the development of the child’s character so that it becomes personal. But at the moment to educate, one should not do a parent. It is some of them.

  1. Don’t be too strict in following nurturing behavior stereotype based on culture, race, ethnic group, family, or other determinants. Please do not believe that there is only one way to raise a child.
  2. never to spoil the child. This attitude can make children become stubborn and act without responsibility.
  3. Don’t be afraid to be “parent’s.” Do your best, be their friend, but never let them forget you as “parent’s” them, not as people who work together.
  4. Parenting doesn’t stop when the children grow up. Being a good parent is a role throughout life. However, remember that after they grow up, the decisions they make in life is entirely their responsibility along with all their consequences.

What Does A Good Parent Look Like

The old man is a prime example for the children, what do the parents either visible or audible will be only a minimal model for them.

Following this, the five essential things worthy of note and made by parents, so that future presents an excellent example for children.

1. Spiritual Activities

Spiritual activities the parents will become role models for children. Usually, boys will see parents habits of boys while girls will obey the mother.  It’s good to get used to praying together at home for a Muslim or worship to houses of worship together for non-Muslims.

2. Social Activities

The child will see social activities carried out by parents.  How parents treat the other party, whether it’s capable of as well as that of the simple will imprint in their heart.

3. Administering Punishment

Give punishment to the child because of wrong is an important, not to have been doing wrong but still getting defense.

4. The Control Of Emotions

There are times when we fuss with family or even in dispute with others, how we face these problems should also heed.

5. Abusive Behaviour

Never behave rudely before.  Violence is both verbal and non-verbal very easily emulated by children.

What Is A Good Parents Job

what is a good parents jobEthical behavior in children reflects an awful lot of positive value. One is as an effort of the formation of characters that indeed should begin early on.

Also, a Heartland of the parents when a child has behavior that can be imitated by peers.  In some extent of deeds indeed proper for children to understand, suppose their movements are active.

As far as not disturb others, active children should be given the space to their energy bubbling up. And here are a few necessary things that need to teach to the child to be well behaved.

  1. Independence
  2. Self-confidence
  3. Code of conduct
  4. Pardon
  5. Share
  6. Help
  7. Caution and be alert

What Makes A Good Parent Child Relationship

The proximity of the child with parents is an essential foundation for growing flowers. Togetherness, warmth and a sense of love mothers can prevent delinquency behavior and depression when children grow up.

Immediacy is maintained by a parent to a child early on, too, will be useful in the creation of the character of your kids. The proximity of the parent and child will affect the intelligence of the child. Along with the growth of the child, this emotional attachment can develop through some of the things we can do every day.

Parents need to do somehow to build affinity with the child. Therefore, parents need to do somehow to make a relationship with the child.

  1. When a child together, don’t just be physically present, but his heart and his mind as well.
  2. Caress and hug provide immediacy.
  3. Commitment to spend quality moments together because the children created from the simple but frequent activity.
  4. Praise is external motivators but give a proportionate Kudos.
  5. Provide opportunities to children, do not be too controlled it.
  6. Learn to do daily activities.
  7. There is an opportunity to feel the separation.


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